Dr. Advice No. 215 (Palpit-Gone) Composition (Ingredients):

  • Ranunculus B 6
  • Aconite N Q
  • Nux V Q
  • Pulsatilla Q
  • Carbo Veg 6
  • Crataegus Oxy Q


Heart Palpitation, Irregular, hard or rapid heart beat, anxiety, stress, chest pain or fainting, shortness of breath, sweating, and nausea.

Mode of action:

  • Ranunculus B 6: Various kinds of pains and soreness, as if bruised in sternum, ribs, intercostal spaces, and both hypochondria. 
  • Aconite N Q: Stitching pain in chest, Affections of the heart with pain in Left shoulder, Palpation, with anxiety, fainting, and Tingling in fingers.
  • Nux V Q:  Sharp, contractive pains in muscles of chest. Persistent cough.
  • Pulsatilla Q: Pain as from, in middle of chest.  
  • Carbo Veg 6:  Oppression of breathing, sore and raw chest. 
  • Crataegus Oxy Q: Pain in region of heart and under left clavicle. Heart muscles seem flabby, worn out.  


10 to 15 drops in 1/4th cup of water 3 times daily.

REPL Dr. Advice No 215 (Palipit-Gone) (30ml)

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