SBL drops no 3

The urinary tract is responsible for removing waste and excess water from the body. It consists of the bladder, the kidneys, the ureters, and the urethra. A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an infection of any part of the urinary system.

Indications of SBL drops no 3

Helps in Urinary Tract Infection

Other Indicated Symptoms of SBL drops no 3

Relieves from Burning, Itching, Frequent urination.

Action of composition used in SBL drops no 3

Berberis Vulgaris Q: Colic radiating, shooting outwards, sticking, burning, smarting, sore, insensible to heat and cold. Gurgling or bubbling sensations in the kidneys, especially, left sided. Pain in kidneys radiates to bladder, and then along hips into the thighs. Urine greenish, blood red, with thick slimy mucus, transparent reddish or jelly like sediment, turbid.

Sarsaparilla Q:Pain from right kidney downwards. Renal colic. Severe pain at the conclusion of urination.  

Ocimum Can. Q: Used as a specific for diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. Renal colic, with violent vomiting every fifteen minutes 

Pareira brava Q: Constant urging; great straining; pain down thighs during efforts to urinate. Itching along urethra; urethritis.

Senecio aureus Q: Great heat and constant urging. Nephritis. Irritable bladder of children, with headache. 

Cantharis 3x: Violent and aggressive action on tissues, especially mucus membranes of the urinary tract. Rapid inflammation followed by severe, destructive pathology. Burning, scalding urine, with cutting, intolerable urging and fearful tenesmus or dribbling. Tenesmus of rectum and bladder.

Dosage of SBL drops no 3

15 -20 drops of SBL DROPS No. 3 in 1/4 th cup of water, 4 times a day.

SBL Drops No 3 Urinary Track Infection (30ml)

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