SBL Ortho muv Roll on

For Joint and muscle pain

Indications of SBL Ortho muv Roll on

Joint and muscle pain, acute and chronic muscle and joint affections like arthritis, bursitis, Joint pains. Lumbago.

The active ingredients stimulate circulation, relax stiffness, relieves in swelling, heat, tenderness and relieve tense, painful tissues. 

Action of composition used in Ortho muv Roll on

Arnica montana: Pain in back and limbs, as if bruised or beaten. Sprained and dislocated feeling. Soreness after overexertion.  

Cantharis:  Tearing in limbs. Ulcerative pain in soles; cannot step. Pain in loins 

Gaultheria procumbens: Smarting and burning. Intense erythema, worse, cold bathing; better, olive oil and cool air blowing on part. Inflammatory swelling of joints. 

Methyl salicylate

Sesame oil


Roll the Sbl Orthomuv Massage oil RollOn on the affected part of the body and massage the oil gently with fingertips. Repeat it 2-3 times a day. 

SBL Orthomuv Roll-On (10ml)

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