About Graphites Pentarkan

The combination with established efficacy used in dry eczema & certain conditions of wet eczema

  • Covers dry, rough and scaly eruptions with itching, burning and restlessness
  • Covers oedematous eruptions
  • Provides deep antipsoric action
  • Useful in dermatitis which becomes worse on itching or scratching
  • Also covers metabolic disorders ensuring total resolution

Composition of Graphites Pentarkan

Each tablet of 250 mg contains:

Arsenicum album 6x 250 mg: Eruptions on the bend of knees, Burning with severe itching and restlessness marked at physical and mental level.

Causticum Hahnemanni 3x 25 mg: Excessive itching all over body, sensitive to cold.

Graphites 3x 25 mg: It decreases the fissuring of the skin, especially at the muco­-cutaneous borders. Unhealthy skin; every little injury suppurates.

Sulphur 6x 25 mg: It is indicated well in Dry, scaly, unhealthy skin. 

Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni 8x 25 mg: Violent itching on body parts moist eruptions with oozing of pus.

Lactose Q.S.

Direction of use of Graphites Pentarkan

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1-2 tablets thrice daily. In acute conditions two tablets every hour for a day. Children should be given one tablet every hour and when symptoms improve 1 tablet thrice daily. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.

Side effects: No side effects of Graphites Pentarkan[WSI] are known.

Contra-indications: No contra-indications for the use of Graphites Pentarkan[WSI] are known.

Interactions: No interactions between Graphites Pentarkan[WSI] and other products are known.

Willmar Schwabe India Graphites Pentarkan (20g)

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